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Groundbreaking MRI-guided Radiation Therapy

Groundbreaking Treatment from Recognized Specialists

The Loyola Center for Cancer Care & Research at Loyola Medicine at Palos Health South Campus in Orland Park is the first center in Illinois — and only the fifth in the country — to offer a MRI-guided radiation therapy that targets tumors with millimeter precision.

MRIdian® Linac Radiation Therapy System from ViewRay

The MRIdian’s ultra-sharp beam of radiation minimizes damage to surrounding tissue.

The new system enables clinicians to precisely locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors as they move in the body. This enables providers to deliver more radiation, in fewer sessions, while sparing healthy tissue.

The system uses a machine called a linear accelerator, or linac. The accelerator shoots electrons at a metal target at nearly the speed of light, transforming them into photons. A beam of high-energy photons then is precisely aimed at the tumor, killing cancer cells.

The MRI-guided system can be used on any solid tumor, and is especially effective in treating soft tissue tumors in the pancreas, kidney, adrenal glands, liver, brain and central nervous system.

The MRIdian Linac installation is the result of a partnership between Loyola Medicine and Palos Health to bring renowned oncology expertise, leading-edge technology and coordinated, collaborative care to patients in the Chicago's southwest suburbs.

MRIdian Treatment for Breast Cancer at Loyola Medicine

Loyola Medicine at Palos Health South Campus is the first center in Illinois and among a handful across the world to offer a game-changing cancer radiation system called MRIdian. The system, guided by MRI imaging, applies very focused radiation to the tumor while minimizing the dose to surrounding tissues.

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