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Loyola Center for Cancer Care & Research

Comprehensive, Recognized Cancer Care

The Loyola Center for Cancer Care & Research at Loyola Medicine at Palos Health South Campus offers comprehensive care while still customized treatment plans designed to meet your needs.

World-class Cancer Treatment Options and Services

Loyola Medicine offers a wide variety of cancer treatment options to our patients from specialists that include surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiology and chemotherapy.

Our highly trained doctors, faculty and staff perform the most advanced treatments and latest research available. Our goals when treating cancer patients are to remove the tumor, reduce symptoms, minimize side effects and improve cancer survival.

The cancer center is part of an innovative affiliation between Loyola Medicine and Palos Health, focused on coordinated and collaborative patient care. Patients receive greater access to Loyola’s renowned specialty care services, such as oncology and neurosciences, while ensuring continued access to Palos’ primary care network.

Chemotherapy and Infusion Therapy Services

At Loyola, chemotherapy and infusion therapy units combine a healing environment with the most progressive treatments and specially trained doctors and staff. The Infusion Center is designed for comfort and includes an indoor garden with individual bays for chemotherapy infusion.

Radiation Oncology

Loyola radiation oncologists offer radiotherapy at Palos Health South Campus in Orland Park. The new space is designed to house the most advanced technology, MRIdian®, an MRI-guided radiation therapy system.

Surgical Oncology

Cancer surgery, also known as surgical oncology, is one of a number of cancer treatment options at Loyola Medicine. Our fellowship-trained cancer surgeons specialize exclusively in the diagnosis, biopsy and surgical removal of many types of cancer.

MRIdian® Linac Radiation Therapy System from ViewRay

The Loyola Center for Cancer Care & Research at Palos Health South Campus in Orland Park is the first center in Illinois – and only the fifth in the country – to offer a groundbreaking MRI-guided radiation therapy that targets tumors with millimeter precision.

Called MRIdian® Linac, the FDA-cleared, state-of-the-art system delivers radiation precisely to the tumor, even if body functions such as breathing cause the tumor to move during the radiation treatment. The ultra-sharp beam of radiation minimizes damage to surrounding tissue.

The MRI-guided system can be used on any solid tumor, and is especially effective in treating soft tissue tumors in the pancreas, kidney, adrenal glands, liver, brain and central nervous system.

Learn about the Loyola Center for Cancer Care & Research

Our comprehensive center offers world-class cancer treatments with expert specialists that focus on a patient-centered care plan. Discover what sets Loyola apart from other cancer centers.

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